I live in Vancouver, land crazy real estate prices. I must admit that I’m hoping the two 25 basis-point rate increases over the past several months slow down the housing market so my family can eventually buy. However, will these rate increases change home-buyer behaviour? Let’s look a few examples of how the rate increases may impact home owners or potential home buyers:

Example A:  A young couple with an existing $500k mortgage (25 year amortization)

At 2% the monthly payment was $2,117.16.  After the 0.50% rate increase (two 25 basis-point increases) the monthly payment is now $2,239.83.  The monthly family budget will need to adjusted for an additional $122.67 per month! (Figures based on calculations using the online calculators at www.canadamortgage.com)

Example B:  Potential home buyer that can afford a monthly mortgage payment of $2100

At 2% the home buyers would be looking at a mortgage amount of about $495,925.  With the rate half a percent higher at 2.50%, the same $2100 monthly payment equates to a mortgage amount of $468,785 (both based on 25 year amortizations).

Assuming that the buyer’s down payment cannot be increased, their purchasing power has decreased by $27,140.

Looking at the numbers, I’m hopeful that the rate increases will slow down the Vancouver real estate market a bit.

What are your thoughts?  Will these small rate increases change purchasing behaviour in the short-term?  Or do you believe that buyers in Vancouver are paying all cash and don’t need significant mortgages?

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